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What exactly is domiciliary care?

In simple terms, domiciliary care is a term used whereby a qualified carer provides support in the home setting for a vulnerable adult. The actual word “Domiciliary” is derived from the Latin word “Domus” meaning home. Most commonly the terms such as “Home care” or “Care in the Community” are often used instead.

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Helping around the home

Our supportive, friendly care staff can help with tasks around the home to relieve some of the burden on yourself or your loved ones. We can assist you to keep the place tidy and clean and help with odd jobs around the home to make your life that bit easier day-to-day.

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Providing or supporting personal care

We can help you with personal care such as washing and bathing, getting dressed and taking your prescribed medicines to help your day go smoothly from morning through night. 

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Support at bedtime or morning routines

Our carers are able to help assist you during your morning and nightly routines. From helping you up out of bed in the morning through to helping you get ready for bed at night, our friendly carers can help you through. 

EMCAS Ambulance and Care Nurse and patient

Helping with daily meals

Our team are able to help you with meal prep, or alternatively we can recommend and help you organise local meals on wheels services within our community.

EMCAS Ambulance and Care Nurse and patient

Support and assistance moving around the home

All of our team at EMCAS are given high quality training in the safe movement of people. We can also help to arrange professional mobility assessments with our collegues in the NHS who will visit you in your home and provide specialist equipment and support.

Why choose EMCAS for your domicilliary care needs?

Here at EMCAS we like to use the term Home care, because we know that home is where the heart is. We will do everything we possibly can to enable our clients to remain in the comfort of their own home with the care and support they need to maintain their independence.

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