Responding To Unwell Service Users

Due to the increasing demand on our local General Practitioner’s (GP’s) and indeed our emergency services we know that getting seen by your doctor for a face-to-face appointment can almost seem impossible. This often leads to people experiencing worsening symptoms and, in some cases, even requiring an ambulance.

Within 30 minutes of your call (depending on location) EMCAS can send a trained, qualified, and experienced clinician to your home address and carry out a clinical examination. This would consist of taking your vital signs such as Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Breathing Rate, Blood Oxygen Levels, Glucose Levels and Temperature. If required, we may also be able to carry out cardiac monitoring and perform an ECG. 

Due to our clinical expertise, we can form a clinical picture of what the likely/differential diagnosis may be, and if required discuss this with a doctor over the telephone to decide the best cause of action to take. This may include being left at home and having medication prescribed to you in the community or if required ensuring a face-to-face appointment with a doctor is arranged. We also have the option of referring people to other areas within the wider health service.

Not only does EMCAS response team reduce pressure on our local Emergency and Primary Health Care Services, but we also ensure that you are seen in a timely and effective manner. EMCAS promotes hospital avoidance when possible and reduces the risk of you deteriorating and/or facing unnecessary exposure in the GP surgery or community treatment centre’s.

Responder car BMW EMCAS

EMCAS Responder Car

Heart rate Monitor equipment responder vehicle

On board equipment in EMCAS responder vehicle