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Falls in the home are a serious risk for the elderly.

According to Public Health England (2020) falls are a serious and common heath risk for people living in England, and that people over the age of 65 have the highest risk of falling. It is stated that approximately 1 in 3 people aged 65 and over and around 50% of people aged 85 and over fall at least once a year.

Falling can cause us to have a loss of confidence, it can cause us pain and discomfort, it can lead to a loss of independence and mobility.

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We aim to reduce pressures on NHS Ambulance Services in our area.

Ambulance Services across the country are receiving an increasing number of 999 calls each year for falls in the elderly. Many of these calls are for none injury falls and are made because home carer teams or care home staff have a “NO LIFT POLICY” set out by their employers meaning that they are unable to help a person from the floor.

If you call 999 for a person that has fallen, it is highly likely that the call will be triaged as a low priority, and the waiting time for an ambulance may exceed 4 or more hours.

In many cases, a person on the floor for over 4 hours would idicate a trip to hospital due to the likelyhood of tissue damage and the potential of toxins within the blood that may lead to kidney injury or worse.

EMCAS has the skills, the experience and the insurance to come out into the community and help you or a loved one off the floor if you need us 24/7. We aim to be with you within 30 minutes of recieving your call (depending on location).

To use this service 24/7 please contact us by clicking on the 'Contact us' Tab to discuss our fees.

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All EMCAS care staff trained to the highest standards

Our vision is to have all EMCAS community home carers trained in the use of manual handling and lifting equipment to offer safe and controlled assistance to people who have fallen in their homes, this may reduce the potential need for an ambulance to be called. There are a number of schemes already in place in Lincolnshire that offer this service and we would like to do our part in alleviating Ambulance Service and hospital pressures.

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