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What makes EMCAS special

One of the things that makes EMCAS so special is our commitment to quality. All of our carers are highly-trained and experienced, meaning you can be assured that your loved one is in safe hands. What's more, EMCAS are always looking to improve services, so you can be sure that we will always be keeping up with the latest developments in elderly care.

Due to the clinical grades of our management team, EMCAS is able to send out an Ambulance Paramedic or Technician if you or a loved one require assistance. By no means do we substitute an ambulance in the emergency setting, but we are able to offer basic clinical observations and triage. EMCAS can directly discuss with, or refer you to the most appropiate health care professional meaning you are far less likely to be waiting for extended periods of time to get the treatment you need.

Our Clinical team here at EMCAS has recently avoided a number of unnecessary hospital admisisons by simply attending and having medication prescribed via the clients own GP. We have also completed a number of direct referrals for falls prevention, OT Assessments, and Community District Nurses


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Why EMCAS was formed

EMCAS has been formed by a team of qualified and experienced Ambulance Service personnel that are still actively working for Ambulance Service providers today. We have seen first-hand, the difficulties faced by our own patients and our colleagues when people require care and support at home and emergency social care services has not been available on the day.

We have witnessed how distressing it can be for people in our community and the ambulance staff to take people to hospital on the basis of social care requirements alone. We know how this can place added pressures on our ambulance response times and our local hospitals. We are aware of the weak points and the failures in other services within our community and we understand what matters most to service users and staff within this industry.

Our founding team here at EMCAS have seen the ups and the downs of community homecare, we pride ourselves in having that inside knowledge that enables us to provide that extra special touch, the person-centred approach and the understanding of how the wider health service works.

The needs and requirements of our service users is our number one priority but equally, we want our staff and our team to feel valued, to have a voice and to see their job as an enjoyable, safe and rewarding place to work.

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How EMCAS want to change things

We have seen the weak points and failures of other services within our community and we know what matters most to our patients and our staff. We want to provide a close knit, friendly and family orientated service that our clients and staff feel valued in. 

Throughout our careers in the Ambulance Service, we attended countless emergency calls for falls in the elderly from care workers who have had the so called 'NO LIFT POLICY' enforced by thier employer. EMCAS aims to mitigate this policy by fully training all of our staff in falls injury assessment and the safe manual handling and lifting of people using some of the latest and safest equipment.

Did you know that in many incidents it is often advised that people are taken to hospital if they have been laid on the floor for more than 4 hours, even when no physical injury is obvious?

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Care Services

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EMCAS offer a wide range of care services. 

If you would like to find out more about applying for care please visit our care services section.

Care Services
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Careers at EMCAS

EMCAS offer rewarding career opportunities with the highest quality training for all our staff as standard. 

If you would like to apply for a position with EMCAS please visit our careers section.